EuCAP’2016: daily events and prizes


Dear EuCAP’2016 attendees:

  • Technical tours

Don’t forget the technical tours!

A fee of 10 CHF (or USD or euros) is asked. You can register at the registration desk

  • Jakobshorn Ski lift and cable car discount.

You get 30% discount upon presentation of your EuCAP’2016 badge.

These are the discounted prices:


CHF 31.50 | 1/2 Day from 13.00

CHF 34.30 | 3/4 Day from 11.30 CHF 43.40 | 1 Day


CHF 14.70 | Davos – Jschalp (MiddleStation) return

CHF 26.60 | Davos – Jakosbhorn (to the Top) return

  • Tourist Office Services

A staff from the Davos Tourist Office will be available at the Registration Desk on Tuesday  from 13:30 to 15:30 and on Wednesday from 10:30 to 12:30

  • Important changes for tomorrow Tuesday

The Regular Session “Millimeter and sub-millimetre antennas” that was scheduled Monday 11 from 14:00-16:00 in C Aspen 1 is rescheduled to Tuesday 12 in A Wisshorn starting at 16:50

The invited talk “The MINDS Design of Wearable Medical Devices for Cardiovascular Health Informatics” by Dr. Yuan-Ting Zhang, Chinese University of Hong Kong, is cancelled due to the unavailability of the author, and replaced by the talk “Latest Technologies and Procedures for Design and Characterization of On-Body and Implanted Wireless Biomedical and Healthcare Applications” that will be presented by Prof. Niels Kuster, IT’IS Foundation and ETH Zurich, Switzerland.

See please the enclosed abstract

Enjoy EuCAP’2016 and Davos! Juan


Dear EuCAP 2016 Friends,

The second day of our Conference has unfolded reasonably well (at least from my personal point of view).

We have discovered and solved some minor problems:

  • Not enough water in the water fountains. Obviously people drink more water when at high altitude and you are strongly recommended to keep enough water in your body. So we have doubled the amount of water in the dispensers.
  • Not enough tables at lunch time. Well this is your fault, you are too numerous in Davos! But from today you will find extra tables.
  • I am also encouraging you to participate in the survey Survey Industrial participation at IEEE-APS and EuCAP the link is and can be also found in the EurAAP and EuCAP webpages.

By answering to this survey, you help us to identify ways for increasing the interactions between industry/government organisations/institutions and academia. You have the possibility to win an apple gift card of 300Euro. Please notice that you do not need to attend the closing ceremony to win the prize. The winner will be announced on Friday 15/4 by email.

  • We expect to have some light snowfall/rain between Wednesday afternoon and Thursday afternoon.This is normal at this period of the year and will not affect any normal activity. On the contrary, a light snowfall adds to the charm of the situation.

But be careful if you go for ski or to high altitudes.

  • Finally, the Davos Congress Center has asked us to distribute the enclosed PDF with the emergency phone numbers.. I just hope that you won’t need to use this information.

But remember: although there is only a way to enter the DCC (the main entrance doors), there are many other doors, including those in the back on the side of the Promenade street, that can be used to exit the DCC in case of emergency.

Just follow the green signs!

Enjoy EuCAP’2016 and Davos. Juan Mosig


Dear EuCAP 2016 Friends,

  • IMPORTANT: leaving the DCC on Wednesday 13 evening

Today, Wednesday, we have the Conference Dinner in the DCC Davos room.

Therefore we are kindly requesting all the Conference attendees not participating in this Dinner to leave the Davos Congress Center as soon as the technical Sessions are over, in principle at 18:30. We also ask the Exhibitors to please not to continue their activities beyond this hour.


Unfortunately, Prof. Christophe Caloz, scheduled to give us an invited talk tomorrow Thursday at 15h00 in the B Pischa+Parsenn room, has been forced to leave our Conference for unexpected personal reasons. The second day of our Conference has unfolded reasonably well (at least from my personal point of view). Prof. George Eleftheriades, from the University of Toronto has kindly agreed in giving us a talk in a related and exciting subject. The title of the talk is

Huygens’ Metasurfaces with Tailored Properties and their Applications”

I apologize for these inconveniences, fully out of our control. I am convinced that you will appreciate this exciting presentation by a so prestigious speaker and I thank Prof. Eleftheriades for his generosity and commitment to EuCAP

Enjoy EuCAP’2016 and Davos! Juan Mosig


Dear EuCAP 2016 Friends,

  • Closing Ceremony: Papers awards and Bingo prizes

I hope many of you have your bingo card ready. I remind you that the Bingo prizes will be delivered in the Closing Ceremony, tomorrow Friday at 12:40 in room C Aspen. And the winner must be present! If luck designates your card as the winner one and you aren’t there, another luckier candidate will get the prize.  And what prizes! See the enclosed pictures.

ipad nikon kindle

In addition, the Closing Ceremony will be the moment to deliver the EuCAP’2016 Best Paper Awards. The traditional Swiss watch (enhanced for this 10th EuCAP edition), nice technical IET books and some other goodies are waiting the winners.

  • Last chance for meeting your favorite Exhibitor

Exhibition will remain open until Thursday 18:00.

See be sure you have visited all the stands and negotiated some good opportunities with your favorite Exhibitors (and you can still complete your Bingo card).

Now, a personal comment. I saw that during the coffee breaks, most people concentrate in the long corridor starting from the Registration Desk.

Why don’t you go downstairs? Coffee, drinks, cookies and fruits are also available there, as well as other goodies from the Exhibitors (I found the MVG water bottles very useful…). And queues are much faster!

  • Weather and Red Bonnets

So, we got some snowfall on Wednesday-Thursday.

Seasoned attendees will remember that we had almost exactly the same weather during AP2000. I am happy that, after the sunny days, you were able to experience the view of the snow-laden trees around the Congress Center. The weather should start to improve this afternoon and the Friday forecast is a dry weather with a beautiful mix of sun and clouds. Don’t forget to take some pictures!

Talking about pictures, I have a crazy idea.

What about if everyone takes his red EuCAP bonnet to the Closing Ceremony and we make a picture (indoors or outdoors) of hundreds of people wearing a red bonnet?

In a different register, we could make a strong competition to Spencer Tunick!

Enjoy EuCAP’2016 and Davos! Juan Mosig


My dear EuCAP’2016 participants and friends,

Our 10th EuCAP edition is coming to an end.

Some of you already left, some of you are drinking the last Nespresso coffees, some of you are hoping to get a Conference Award or a Bingo prize in the Closing Session.

On my side, I want to give all of you my deep appreciation. Our Conference is successful thanks to the support of many organizations:

The EurAAP Board (of course!) and  the sister Associations: AMTA, IET, IEEE-APS, ISAP, EuMA .

I want also to thank  the Davos DCC staff,  the EuCAP’2016 COC members and above the Italian-Swiss Local Organisers, from ITLink, IT’IS Foundation in ETH Zurich and LEMA-EPFL. They did an incredible job and they solve all the problems despite their very harsh boundary conditions.

But ultimately, they are the attendees who decide on the success of the Conference.
And the quality and quantity of your participation has been above all our hopes.

Many, many thanks and, please, remain faithful to EuCAP.

Personally, this edition came also with a huge and wonderful surprise for me and I am proud to be a member of the AP community.

For those who didn’t attend the Conference Dinner (no blame for that), I want to remind you that this year the prestigious EurAAP Felsen Award went to Yakir Hadad, a Postdoc in the University of Texas at Austin, USA.

His research is fully matching the wishes expressed by the late Prof. Leo Felsen, and I was happy to see that among his very fine scientific contributions one of the most cited is

“Green’s function theory for infinite and semi-infinite particle chains” Physical Review B 84 (12), 125402

Long life to Green’s functions!

I enormously enjoyed the “Poet’s Corner” that Prof. Felsen wrote periodically in the IEEE APS Magazine. His poems prompted me to dig deeper in the English-written poetry. So, allow me to end this message with some verses written by Maxwell himself, that I think can be perfectly applied to me and to many of us.

Let me wake, and see my duty lie before me straight and plain.
Let me rise refreshed, and ready to begin my work again.

James Clerk Maxwell  (1831-1879)  « Recollections of a Dreamland »

See you in Paris for celebrating EuCAP’2017.

Best regards,

Juan Mosig

Best Paper Awards Prizes


watch_1 watch_2 watch_3


Travel tips and sports news

April 2nd, 2016, day D minus 8

Dear EuCAP Friends,

Being born in South Spain, in the shores of a relatively warm ocean, I have never been a fan of ice hockey and my years in Switzerland didn’t succeed in making me familiar with this sport. But in the last weeks, I have been following with passion the Swiss Ice Hockey Championship. In this year’s play-off semifinals, the favorite, Davos HC, has been defeated 3-4 by the outsider, SC Bern, which will play the final against HC Lugano.

Davos Match

The Davos Vaillant Arena

What connection with EuCAP’2016?

Well it is quite obvious. We won’t be able to propose you as a “social activity” to attend a play-off final match in the nice Davos Vaillant Arena. But maybe the Ice Skating Rink will be still open and available for other activities. We will find out for you.

Continue reading Travel tips and sports news

Weather in Davos

March 6th, 2016, day D minus 35

Dear EuCAP Friends,
Recently, one of you asked me about the weather we will have in Davos during the EuCAP week. Probably, he wanted to decide which clothes he would throw in his suitcase.
Well, I will answer him with one line of a beautiful poem by Francis Brett Young [1]:
“We cannot tell, for lost is Merlin’s magic”

But I can tell you what has happened until now with the weather in 2016. Continue reading Weather in Davos

On EuCAP’2016 Rehearsal Conference

January 25, 2016, day D minus 76

Dear EuCAP Friends,

Hope you are starting making your plans for joining us in Davos next April. On our side, after getting more than 1000 papers, we are trying to secure also a nice Exhibition worth of all the past EuCAP editions. We are also organizing the travel and accommodation of our full EPFL-LEMA laboratory to Davos. By the way, I told my kids (I think I will register 10-12 PhD students and PostDocs) that I wouldn’t be able to afford rooms for them in a five-star hotel.

The LEMA kids reacted very well and did an extensive search. They started with the conference website (as you should also do) and also explored some of these eldritch and trendy online accommodation searches. They ended by renting a big house in Davos owned by a wealthy Californian and able to accommodate the entire young crowd of the laboratory. They will share it in the purest Swiss ski party style and you should consider similar approaches to Davos accommodation.

Now I want to tell you an incredibly brilliant idea I recently had. Since we aren’t sure about the best way of optimizing the week schedule and the available surfaces in the Davos Congress Center, why not to set up a EuCAP dress rehearsal by organizing some kind of dummy conference of similar characteristics to EuCAP? I discussed the idea with the DCC staff and they found it excellent (I told you, I’m kind of a genius :-) ).

So we have organized a fake conference that we call the World Economic Forum. I asked my TPC to bring at least 2000 people, just to check that if EuCAP’2016 is enormously successful we can still survive. They did it! Continue reading On EuCAP’2016 Rehearsal Conference


October 26, 2015, day D minus 167

Dear EuCAP Friends,

Let’s first deal with the serious matters. When a Chairman looks for invited papers for his conference, he has mainly two possibilities: 1) intensive: look for the best papers on the current most trendy topics in our community; 2) extensive: look for interesting borderline topics that can be connected with our research and might become one day a top trendy topic. With the Invited Speakers Chairs (do you know their names? check them!), we have tried together to combine the two possibilities and we are proud to announce a set of 15 Invited Speakers that I am sure will satisfy most of you. If you cannot read the list here below or you want to know more, go to:

Invited Papers ListI really believe that the topics are truly exciting. They go from a top industry vision on 5G and its antennas to new ways of formulating Maxwell’s equations as integral equations. We have also paid particular attention to topics where AP researchers have today the highest chances of getting their proposals approved: health applications, Terahertz and plasmonic devices, security and encrypted channels, MIMO, metamaterials…

Moreover, and without having accepted any a priori constraint, we believe we have got naturally an excellent geographical, gender and industry/academia balance. I can tell you, should this list of invited speakers be the list of researchers in a European Commission proposal, the chances of getting it would be very high!

You will also notice that the subjects are still quite open for some speakers. We will try to end with the most complementary set of invited papers, avoiding too obvious overlaps. But personally, I always liked to see my course of Algebra explained by two different lecturers. Having the same matter explained by different persons always help.


On registration, lunches and meals

October 12, 2015, day D minus 181

Dear EuCAP Friends,

With less than one week to go until the submission deadline (have you submitted your paper?), let me cover, in this second instalment of the EuCAP’2016 Chair’s blog, thorny matters like registration fees and more pleasurable matters like local food opportunities.

Registration fees are the nightmare of conference organizers. In my personal case, after nine EuCAP editions finding myself in the position of the EurAAP Chair, requesting “fees high enough to avoid any chance of a deficit”, I am now, as EuCAP’2016 Chair, trying to convince the EurAAP Board that we should offer “fees low enough to attract participants and make them happy”.

Funny, isn’t it?

Continue reading On registration, lunches and meals

Why EuCAP’2016 will be different: Davos facts and figures

September 15, 2015, day D minus 208

Dear Friends,
Welcome to my personal journal (it seems that nowadays it has to be called a « blog »). I am planning here, time and resources permitting (they won’t…), to keep you informed about facts and news related to the 10th EuCAP conference, that will be held next April 10-15, 2016 in Davos, Switzerland.

First of all, allow me some general considerations.

For many of you, Davos may be the place where the World Economic Forum takes place every year. But for us, AP engineers and researchers, Davos is above all the city where the mythic AP-2000 Millennium Conference was organized by the European Space Agency, with Congrex-Netherlands acting as Professional Conference Organizer (PCO) and with the local support of our university, EPFL-Switzerland.

Kudos to its Chairperson, Dr. Antoine Roederer, for a wonderful event, remembered by many of us with real pleasure.

But our community thrives and evolves, and in 15 years it has seen considerable renewal. So I will state some facts & figures for those who of you who are familiar with EuCAPs but have never been to Davos. This information should help you understand why you should not try to compare EuCAP’2016 with any previous editions and why you should expect the unexpected. Continue reading Why EuCAP’2016 will be different: Davos facts and figures